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Author of Shouting The Odds

Tag: horse racing and betting

Tales Of The Turf : Remembering Alderbrook …

From a betting perspective, my money always felt safe when I invested it on Alderbrook. As a winner of fifteen of his thirty races, he was one of those rare racehorses that I was able to bet on with my heart as much as with my head.

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The Mug Punters Revenge …

After Fujiyama Crest brought up the last leg of Frankie’s seven-timer, his triumph didn’t just raise the betting shop roof, it shook the building to its foundations.

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Shouting The Odds, The Movie …

Any novelist who hasn’t at some stage fantasised about their novel being made into a film, is in my opinion, not being entirely honest with themselves. Who would I, given the choice, cast in a film version of Shouting The Odds? Read on to find out …

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How The Betting Bug Bit Me …

The first bet I ever placed was at my local Arthur Prince shop in 1987. It was a speculative one pound each-way treble. All three horses won and I pocketed one hundred and fifty-four pounds. Talk about beginners luck! From that day onwards, in a suburban London betting shop, my life would never be quite the same again …

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